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Benefits of Membership

  • IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS: CTPA will help take you to the next level of play and enjoy the game even more. Improvement comes from practice & drilling and we will offer this to members. 
  • EXCLUSIVE HOURS: Members will have exclusive court hours - Monday-Sunday from Dawn to 1:00 PM and Monday-Friday 5:00 PM to dark. As membership grows so will the availability of additional hours.
  • SKILL RATING ASSIGNED: CTPA will help rate your level of play as a Competitive member. Ratings will be required for all competitive play including open play.  Social members will not be rated.
  • COMPETITIVE PLAY ASSURED: Because of ratings, you are assured of playing against players of a similar skill level and not against beginners. For social play, you remove those aggressive-competitive players, thus giving you much more enjoyment in the game.
  • PRACTICE & DRILLING: If you want to improve your skills you have to do the drill!  And that is the backbone of CTPA which will provide regular practice and drilling/mentoring sessions for all levels. If desired, we would have a higher rated mentor, who would help analyze your game and determine area of strengths and needed improvements to get to the next level.
  • INDOOR PLAY: CTPA will have discount rates for indoor play at the Cranberry Municipal Center. This Fall we will offer a wide assortment of indoor play including shootouts, leagues, drilling and other exciting events.  Beginning in January we will expand from two to three courts.
  • EXPANDING PICKLEBALL: As a member, you are helping to pay off the debt for building the new eight courts, and meet our goal to build more courts. We have the space to expand to another 8 courts but must raise the money to do so.  Your membership helps in this effort and to further expand pickleball to other in the area.

Social vs. Competitive Membership - Exclusive Hours

Social Members
From examining other pickleball associations & clubs the biggest problem they have is the mixture of different level of players, playing against each other. We discovered that a lot of players just want to play for fun & exercise and have little interest and even dislike playing against players who are very competitive. This is why we have a Social membership for these people.  

As a Social Member to CTPA you still have the exclusive hours to play and other benefits but now will have the chance to play with other people who want to play solely for the fun, exercise and social aspect of the game. Not only will you not have to get a rating, but membership for a Social Member is less than a Competitive Member. Of course you have the option to become a Competitive Member at any time in the future.
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Competitive Members
For all the rest, we have taken up the challenge to rate all Competitive Members to assure good quality of play.This is the nirvana of pickleball and in all our research we have not found another association with this ambitious goal. Now by being a CTPA member you are being assure to play players of similar skill level along with all of the other advantages of CTPA.  In either case both CTPA Membership enjoy not only the Exclusive hours but all the other benefits listed above. Members must be 18 or older. 
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CTPA Membership Cost Summary

Pickleball  Id Social Sample

Social Membership

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Pricing  Until 3/1/18  After 3/1/18  After 7/1/18
 Cranberry Resident  $30  $50  $25
 Non-Resident  $35  $55  $30
Pickleball  Id Competitive Sample

Competitive Membership

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Online Membership Registration is open now

Pricing  Until 3/1/18  After 3/1/18  After 7/1/18
 Cranberry Resident  $40  $60  $30
 Non-Resident  $45  $65  $35

Hey, pickleball was meant to be played outdoors!


CTPA members will have exclusive days & times for using the eight outdoor pickleball courts. As of now we envision having the use of the courts from Dawn to 1:00 PM and again from 5:30 PM to dark Monday through Friday. Saturday & Sunday from Dawn to 1:00 PM.  But this can, and will be adjusted to accommodate CTPA membership. All other times the court will be available for both public play and CTPA members. You will need your CTPA membership card with you in order to play during CTPA hours. The membership card will also identify your type of membership and your rating level of play. During CTPA hours you will use your membership cards (not your paddles) in queuing to play next. 

We will take a membership survey to gauge the interest levels for the type of play in which members are interested and will have regular weekly exclusive hours for those types of play.  

For example, on Monday morning, we may have
Monday Level Court
7 AM to 10 AM Social 1, 2, 3, 4
  4.0 & above 5, 6
  3.0 7, 8
10 AM - 1 PM    
  Social 1, 2
  2.5 3, 4
  3.5 5, 6
  Practice & drilling 7, 8
5:30 PM to 9:00 PM    
  Social 1, 2
  2.5 & 3.0 combine 3, 4
  League Play 3.5 & 4.0 5, 6
  League Play 3.0 & 3, 5 7, 8
We would then have a different schedule for Tuesday and the rest of the week and it will then repeat on a weekly basis, including for special games like ladders, partner play, leagues and practice/drilling. The above is just an example. Ultimately the exact schedules will be determine by the number of members and the numbers in each rating category. Obviously, if more than 50% of our membership are social members we will have 50% of the time for social play. If round robins proved to be a major interest, then we will hold more of them to fit demand.  

For all competitive open play, we will use the winning team stays on the court and splits and two new players join in on the next game. (Social members can decide by majority vote how they want the play to occur; winner stays on or all four goes off.)

At any time we have too many players waiting we will then go to four new players on and rotate accordingly. Again, the emphasis is to provide adequate times to allow players to schedule for the specific play that they are interested in playing. The schedule will be adjusted as membership grows and improves. For example if CTPA has only twenty 4.0 rated players, then there will be limited times during the week available to this group.  If in a year that number increases to forty players, then more court times will become available.