Rating Procedures

CTPA Competitive Member Rating System

We are developing the following:
CTPA rating levels at 4.0+, 3.75, 3.5, 3.25, 3.0, 2.75, and 2.5

Initial Placement:
All players will either start in the Beginner group (those newest to Pickleball and racquet sports) to learn the basics or at the initial rating level of 2.5. A player may be placed at a higher initial level based on verifiable information related to prior competitive racquet/paddle experiences such as tennis, paddle, racquetball indicating an understanding of court awareness and paddle proficiency. However, keep in mind that Pickleball has its own skill set and learning curve. Verifiable Pickleball data from tournaments, leagues, and/or shootouts, etc.  will also be used in the ratings process.  

Local players with earned USAPA tournament ratings (the new UTPR system) will be used as “Benchmark” players for at-level standards within CTPA.  These are based on a performance system.

After a player becomes involved in play with the membership they may be reassigned to a group more appropriate for their developing skill set. Our goal is level play for all members, or as close to that as possible.

Additional CTPA Rating Resources

Performance and results at events (Tournaments, Shootouts, Ladder League Play, etc.).
Data considerations are, as follows:
  • placement 
  • point differential
  • size of field
  • strength of competition
  • A player’s position in relation to Benchmark players 
Proficiency of play at your current level 
  • Noticeable skill improvement
  • winning a lot regardless of partner
  • dominating play for long stretches.  
  • Consensus in the group to point out players to the rating committee they believe may be ready to move up. Please do your best to provide honest unbiased feedback when offering or being asked about a member’s play.  
*Note For those not participating in a CTPA Ladder league, not having results will not negatively impact evaluation. 

Ratings committee

The goal of the ratings committee is not to be considered “The be all and end all” in the decision- making process, but rather the final facilitator of the move based primarily upon the reviewable performance data of the player and recommendations of a player’s peers.

A player will be notified when their rating level has officially changed.   

The process outlined above can be used to determine if a player needs to be moved down in rating level, as well.  

Please see the Email contact information for the ratings committee members

Marcia Burchick  marbur_us@yahoo.com

Terri Flynn terrimflynn2013@gmail.com

Bill Meyers whmeyers@live.com

Barry Pile tecnos521@yahoo.com

Dave Schneider ds@zoominternet.net

Lynn Wagner lwagnerCTPA@gmail.com

Barry Watkiss bwatkiss@zoominternet.net