Disposing of a Mattress or Box Spring

(effective March 1, 2017) Vogel Disposal, Inc., requires that mattress and box springs set out for disposal be wrapped in plastic and securely taped. 
Mattress and box spring disposal is considered a large item, therefore, needs a $4 bag tag for pick-up.  

Vogel Disposal, Inc., will not pick up mattress or box spring without a purchased tag and wrapped in plastic and taped securely. 

Why must these items be securely wrapped?
The issue is worker health & safety caused by: 

  • Sanitary conditions
  • Soiled mattress
  • Weather “rain soaked”
  • Bed bugs
Materials that can be used to wrap the mattress and/or box spring
  • Sheet plastic
  • Painter’s plastic drop cloth
  • Plastic mattress bag
  • Plastic covering from the replacement mattress and box spring
Alternatives to Vogel Disposal, Inc.
  • Return the old mattress and box spring to the store for disposal 
  • Private disposal services: 1-800 Got Junk, or Junk King 1-888-888-5865
  • Reduce worker exposure to health issues
  • Reduce worker compensation claims
  • Reduce health risk to the neighborhood
  • Limit liability 
  • Control cost