Water and Sewer Connections

To determine if service is available, contact:

Call 724-776-4806, x 1515
Commercial: Call: 724-776-4806, x 1183

If service is available,

The Township will:
  • Determine the location of your tap and water meter, if you are applying for water service.
  • Perform a water tap (2” in size and smaller – if applying for water service)
  • Provide and install your water meter and remote (1” in size and smaller – if applying for water service) Note: Billing begins when the meter is installed.
  • Provide your curb box on the service line, if you are applying for water service.
  • Perform required inspections which may include
    • Outside waterline (water service only)
    • Outside sanitary sewer line (sewer service only)
    • Sewer and/or water final (water and/or sewer service)

If service is not available,

The property owner's responsibilities are:
  • Submit a Service Application and appropriate Tap Fee(s)
  • Contact and hire a contractor / plumber to install the sewer and/or water service
  • Place a Pennsylvania OneCall – dial 811. or visit: www.pa1call.org
  • Acquire all materials needed for the sewer and/or water service line including but not limited to: appropriate pipe, stone for backfill, sanitary sewer tap, water meter spread fittings, thermal expansion tank, water meter pit, grinder pump.
  • Access the sewer and/or water line from the main line into the structure.
  • Schedule the necessary inspections and water tap.
  • For inspections and water tap, call: 724-776-4806, x 1161. You must call by 3:00 PM to schedule an inspection for the next business day. Taps are performed on Wed., Thurs., and/or Friday
    • Disconnecting the existing well, if applicable.
    • Abandoning the existing on-lot septic system, if applicable.
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